Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Read all about it - Professor Green Ft. Emeli Sande

Lyric:- I ain't censoring myself for nobody - Green

Song Choice:- This fabulous offering from this duo far surpasses all that followed I believe and this song has some brilliant lyrics and a great hook which I love. Emeli's final lines are simply back-of-the-next-hair-raisingly awesome.

Anyway in the world of my autobiog/training manual writing. I'm part way into typing it up and correcting the 'Rory-Grammar', overuse of the word 'just' and 'really' as well as checking out my apostrophe's or is that apostrophes which makes it a very slow process indeed.

It's an honest account of what happened twenty-odd years ago and reliving the moments I can now see that I was shouting at the top of my voice in a language only I could understand. If you've been in this situation you'll know where I'm coming from and if you are there right now then I trust you have a friendly shoulder to cry on and you can extract yourself in an expedite manner as it's whom you are on the other side of the tunnel that you are going to live with for the rest of your days.

I know I'm very lucky to be here and have grown in strength and courage over the years. It's taken me twenty years to get in the right frame of mind write it down and relive the nightmare dreams of the long gone person, I used to be and never want to be again.

When it's published you'll see its raw but from the heart and totally uncensored so you can read ALL about it...

Got to go, Spielberg is on the phone making an offer for the screenplay :-)

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