Thursday, 9 October 2014

Come in my head - Kimbra

Lyric:- What it's like to be in my dimension, you wanna know what I really think, you wanna know what I really believe - Mason, Kimbra & Ciancia

Song Choice:- Second Kimbra song in as many days and this reminds me of a Kate Bush at her peak. So sassy, so fresh and says it does like it is for me.

That's what people will find out this weekend as I hit London for a weekend of realisation and revelation. It won't be for the feint-hearted but people will know where they stand and get an honest and frank opinion of where they are right now with their appraoch to the next few months leading up to April.

Yes, you guessed it, it's the MdS Expo weekend and I'm going to be coming at you loud and proud. Profeet tomorrow, Expo Saturday and Marathon Sunday. What could be better, it's a weekend I've really been looking forward to.

Hopefully I'll be seeing you there...

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