Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Bring the Boys Back Home - The Pink Floyd

166 reviews for a toaster?
Lyric:- 'Wrong, do it again' - Waters

Song Choice:- I love the phone call section the end of this track which leads into the awesome 'Comfortably Numb'...(blogging song tomorrow) which is one of the three stand out tracks from the whole Wall Album in my opinion along with 'Run like Hell and 'Young Lust' where Roger Waters, let David Gilmour in on the writing. Although in later times they would disagree and fall out with each other dramatically, their music created together is just pure genius.

Anyway, less of the Floyd's history and more of the lyric as there are so many people nowadays prepared to offer opinion on virtually everything. As an example, I've just picked a random toaster on the Argos Website the De'Longhi CTJ4003 - 4 Slice Toaster, to be precise and there are 166 reviews on it. Ranging from one star - 'The worst purchase ever' to five stars - 'Probably the best toaster ever'. Why oh why are people reviewing a bloody toaster?

As they've already bought it...if it's no good, you could just take it back, that's the guarantee that the manufacturer offers. Also how good are a range of reviews when you get a worst and best toaster since sliced bread spectrum of opinions. Whom do you listen to? The internet has made our lives far more complicated I believe.

What happened to good old common sense when Rotel, Pioneer and Wharfedale made pretty good hi-fi that could amplify a Pink Floyd in 1978 to bedroom ear bleeding decibel levels that we knew Amstrad simply (and rather embarrassingly if you owned up to having one) erm… wouldn’t. Sadly in 2015 it’s now months of research and nothing less than 5 stars in What HiFi is going to be good enough for even a pair of headphones. Who knows what they were listening to and it’s a worry though as the person reviewing it could also have been a toaster tester…and heavily in Lisa Stansfield.

Why don’t you go through life making your own judgements and going with your gut instincts. If it’s cheap, it’s  not going to be much cop and if it turns out wrong, you can always do it again – properly. That’s what life’s all about.

Learning from YOUR mistakes not others perhaps… 

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