Thursday, 7 May 2015

Empty Spaces - The Pink Floyd

Lyric:- 'How shall I complete the wall?' - Waters

Song Choice:- A track that really builds, which is quite apt considering the title of the Album, which then leads into the fantastic 'Young Lust'...

Which leads me onto talking about the building blocks that we use as a foundation for our rather busy modern day lives. It's worth asking yourself, What are my fundamental needs? Am I in the right job? Am I surrounded by the right people? Am I making the most of my short time on this planet - I wonder if you can say that you are on all counts.

I bet you can't...and if that's true, whom are you kidding, and isn't it time you sorted yourself out.

Be like The Floyd, Complete the Wall and build it high and strong...Lay your bricks set on a firm foundation, making sure you've got a firm plan to follow, allowing for set-backs and a contingency fund and success will come in leaps and bounds.

I'm starting a series of double day running churning out 9 minute mile/training blocks that will deliver great things next January I hope.

How are your foundations - sound or shaky?

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