Saturday, 23 May 2015

The Show Must Go On - The Pink Floyd

Lyric:- Am I too old or is it too late - Waters

Song Choice:- A Floyd song without Waters? Well he wrote it but doesn't play or sing, which is most unusual.

Anyway, as for the lyric - You are never too old or too late. Or indispensable for that matter as there's always more at the door an old boss once told me.

But I find its the 'Respect' and 'Control' of situations and people that I'm now finding fascinating to see in myself and in others I meet.

Let's face it, we all know if we respect or have an amount of control over our loved ones or colleagues. BUT do they respect or control us?

A relationship in which there's no respect and domineering control on one persons part, isn't much of a relationship. For the domineered it's a complete misery of an existence yet some folk spend a lifetime in service to others in Cinderella poverty...that's in terms of emotion and not riches.

The interesting notion is to test the 'Respect' and 'Control' theory and apply it to your own criteria. It's amazing how folk whom don't respect you, you don't respect and how little you control as you are lacking folks respect.

I'm running the CTS Flete Marathon tomorrow and I'm going to pontificate further on my conundrum as I've found it quite an eye opening notion this week.

Do you have the Respect you deserve? Are you fresh out of Control?

More it's getting late and I'm getting too old! Especially if you are asked if you are your son's Granddad.

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