Sunday, 10 May 2015

One of my Turns - The Pink Floyd

Lyric:- Day after Day - Waters

Song Choice:- The flip side of the Another Brick 2 single has an angry, frustrated Waters hurling the lyrics venomously at the audience and I can understand his feelings only too well.

Mediocrity and familiarity can lead to a place called Average and that's somewhere I for one would hate to inhabit but where lots of folk feel comfortable in living.

I thought a lot today about the 'Pouring Derision' line from the earlier track 'Happiest Days' and post election let's hope there is now a time of unity and support for each other. Like other coaches I'm only too happy to encourage - it puts you in a good place in your day to day lives.

More tomorrow post marathon #903

902 Marathons, 232 Ultras
12 MdS, 9 World Records and 21 Years Alcohol Free.

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