Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Goodbye Blue Sky - The Pink Floyd

Lyric:- 'The flames are all long gone' - Waters

Song Choice:- Side 2, yes we are talking Vinyl here, starts with one of my favourite tracks from the whole Wall Album. See for yourself here and marvel at Gilmour's memorising acoustic guitar and Waters beautiful deep bass playing 

Anyway,I use the phrase 'Blue Sky Thinking' lots when I'm writing 12 week programmes for people because it's sometimes easier to project my own thoughts on folks and their next 84 days, rather than try and flex the training around rather chaotic lives. Quite ironic really...

Of course in my own world the skies are always blue and the grass green with little white fluffy bunnies running around...Well sometimes, or maybe most of the time BUT it's not easy to keep them cloud free once you've got the sun to shine through one's life chaos, I've found. Most of the time though I get it right and it's led to a much calmer approach to life I've found.

That's why the lyric 'The flames are all long gone', speaks so loudly to me as I meet lots of folk that have had their flames firmly extinguished by their partners, family or colleagues. People get downtrodden by others I've found. Getting people out of that rut and re-igniting their passions is the most rewarding and interesting part of my job I've found.

Finishing times, races and medals are just by-products of getting one's life back in order and making one's skies blue again.

So don't say 'Goodbye', say 'Hello' and welcome in some fresh horizons...You'll be glad you did.

More tomorrow... 

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