Sunday, 10 May 2015

Don't leave me now - The Pink Floyd

Lyric: 'Running away' - Waters

Song Choice:- A proper Pink Floyd, 'Wrist Slasher' of a song and one that's more of an emotional brick than is obvious at first but it's the 'Running away' lyric that catches my ear...

After today's Marlborough Downs 33 I hope my level of 'Running' doesn't go 'Away' now I've really got into a real 'Running Rhythm' as I it felt really awesome today as I did a very sound 6.5hrs for the off-road and extremely muddy and hilly in places course over the grassy downs.

With me, it's hours and hours of 'Long Slow Distance', that make a real difference to my overall performance combined with being as close to 80kgs that my sweet tooth can take me...

Interestingly, I ran through and past the 'Stones' at Avebury today just in time too as I'm putting my Dixon's Carphone people through their hill paces in Richmond Park after meeting a certain Radio DJ at 8:30am.

That means it's bedtime for this 'Old Happy Soldier' ahead of a very busy Monday indeed!

More then...

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