Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Mother - The Pink Floyd

Lyric:- Should I build a Wall? - Waters

Song Choice:- One of the best songs from The Wall Album with an amazing solo from Guitarist David Gilmour, plus Nick Mason's laid back drumming for added amazing Pink Floyd Song Appeal, what could be better eh?

Yikes, there's a Question...
It's an interesting thing to build a wall. It's a boundary, a barrier, a physical thing with a million and one combinations of bricks and mortar and size combinations...it takes time and energy to construct and however strong it's built can easily be demolished especially if the foundations it's built on aren't that strong...

Most of us will never get the sand cement and bricks to make a proper wall but we all build virtual walls around us, some are added slowly brick by brick every day of our lives. Others are quickly constructed and then taken down again the same day. It's in our human nature to protect ourselves and keep life's demons out.

We like our own space.

I love mine just as much as the next person but I feel my Bricklaying talents are about to go into overdrive...I'm not sure why or how. I just hope The Walls not too high.

More tomorrow...or is that Mortar Morrow. (Now that's funny)...

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