Wednesday, 17 May 2017

A Head Full of Dreams - Coldplay

Lyrics:- 'Oh, I think I've landed where there are miracles at work' - Berryman, Buckland, Champion & Martin

Song Choice:- I'm not the greatest of Coldplay fans, as you well know if you are a regular blog reader - as all of Martin's 'Woah-Woahing' gets on my nerves after a while and I've found and their albums tend to grind on a bit following a promising start, with only a couple of stand out tracks a piece. I reckon I could put together a 10-song 'Greatest Hits' album with 'A Head Full of Dreams' as the opening track as it's become one of my favourite Coldplay anthems since it's release in December 2015.

It's got great lyrics too and 'You can see the change you wanted' is the one that rings true with me for today's blog. As it's the 'Seeing' part that folks struggle with most I've found.

Visualising your goals, is a difficult thing if you're not creative or can see things in your head three dimensionally. For instance, if you are buying a new car now-a-days, you can build it online, choose the finish, add extras and even do a virtual test drive (How boring) - yet when I bought my BMW 328i M-Sport in 1997, I knew it was Boston Green had Black Leather Seats and would go like stink - and it lived up to all my dreams and more, I knew it because I could see it in my head.

Technology I believe is taking the creativity and spontaneity out of our lives IMO.

I bought a Michelin Road Atlas to get me to Portugal in 2004 as the 3G network and Google didn't provide a route back then and still got there and I enjoyed the minute-by-minute surprises along the way.

It didn't stop me dreaming though as my head is full of them. And now-a-days I spend a lot of my time thinking, creating and visualising my next life challenge. Sometimes it's even better than doing the real thing I've found, and wouldn't it be disappointing to have already lived our dreams out in a virtual reality world. You know, the one where football is interesting and Man City finally buy a championship - Dream on...

Happy Slumbers...

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