Tuesday, 23 May 2017

The Voice - John Farnham

Lyrics:- 'We have the chance to turn the pages over' - Reid et Al

Song Choice:- Hmm, it's a yet another bad day in the UK as we wake up to more atrocity following the Manchester Bombing of last night. The modern world is hard enough without innocent parents and children getting caught up in someone else's war.

Cynically, I know this isn't the last of such happenings and we as a nation will have to rely on our Government, Police and Intelligence Agencies to try and make such happenings as few as possible so that we and our loved ones can continue to live as safely as possible in this fantastic country we are so privileged to inhabit.

What can I do to help? Well I'm not too sure, I understand why it happens and I can be alert in my surroundings living in a Capital city and I can also have 'Hope'. 

'Hope we can find a solution'.

As without that, we're doomed...

We live in an energised world, with some amazingly clever people. These are the folk that we need to get together and become 'The Voice of Reason' somehow. Everyone is so busy out there fighting their own battles each day where these bad happenings soon get forgotten, until the next time it happens and the vicious circle begins again.

I'm not a politician and I'm not a political activist, I just love life and living in the peace.

I do hope that whomever gets elected can make a difference to our world and make it a safer place for us and our children to live in as I'm sure that's what we all want today. 

You see, the beauty is 'We have the chance to turn the pages over' and start again.

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