Sunday, 7 May 2017

Blind Vision - Blancmanche

Lyrics:- 'Blind visions, with no reasons'

Song Choice:- Blancmange surfaced in 1984 with this 'Synth-Rock Classic'. They had a string of hits including 'Living on the Ceiling' but as a poor man's Depeche Mode perhaps, by 1986 they simply disappeared, which seems a shame.

Anyway, it's the 'Blind Vision' that I'm interested in for today's blog as I often wonder if folk actually see their real-self, when they look in the mirror in the cold light of day and whether they see beyond their reflection, right into their heart and soul.

Being objective about that, well there's the rub...

You see, I help umpteen people every year change their outward appearances and become the person they want to be perceived as being. 'You never get a second chance to make a first impression' they say and our tribalism and appearance attracts friends and lovers as well as it excluding us in certain social situations. It's amazing what signals we send out about ourselves.

Losing weight and getting fit, well that bits easy...

Changing the signals we all send out, well that's different. Some people just don't get it that they are over-bearing, myopic and opinionated. All great turn-offs for the general population and ingredients for a very lonely existence. I'm guilty of this myself sometimes too, but if you are happy in your own company, well that's ok.

Changing this behaviour pattern can take a lifetime and that's the hard one to project as folk eventually revert to type as their guard comes down and the pounds pile back on. I'm currently watching one of my Average2Awesome clients do just that, so I will be having a word in the very near future with that person and help them take a good look at themselves.

Having worked so hard, it's such a shame...

'Life's a Journey' and we all know really when we are boring the pants off people yet keep droning on and know when we are being our own worst enemy.

So why have we got 'Blind Vision' as there's 'No Reason' for it?

Have a think, are you 'Blind' and in need of a 'Personality Update' as well as a 'Physical' one'?

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