Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Two Tribes - Frankie Goes to Hollywood

Off to watch UNITED...
Lyrics:- 'A point is all you can score' - Gill, Johnson & O'Toole

Song Choice:- I'm really interested in 'Tribalism' and how folk feel it necessary to belong to groups, clubs or wear a 'Uniform of Belonging' when they are even outside of taking part in their belief or pastime. It's an interesting ideal that FG2H illustrate quite nicely in their 1984 multi-platinum selling #1 produced by Trevor 'Buggles' Horn.

You see, I totally get why folk want to do it...

I mean, Football has a huge amount of 'Tribes' wearing their teams colours and shirts for all to see their allegiance, in a choice of all three strips in some extreme cases. Being such a visual thing, it tells folk who they are, where they've came from, what they believe in. It shows a sense of belonging and the merging into the crowd gives some with less of a voice unity, volume, strength and power.

It's the same on social media where a 'status', 'like' or 'comment' will enable us to be accepted into a different kind of virtual 'Tribe'. It's fascinating how folk fish for acceptance and will even go along with the unacceptable behaviour of trolling when they know what is being posted is incorrect and deliberately upsetting for the individual. Being trolled myself I know how this feels, and it was interesting how some members of a certain 'Tribe' contacted me months later to apologise for their outrageous behaviour and that now they were no longer 'Tribe' members and disliked their former 'Freinds'.

Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong in belonging to a 'Tribe' - The only problem is when 'Two Tribes' are intolerant of each other's beliefs or get caught up in someone else's war..

My 'Tribe' has one member - 'Me' - I'm an individual. 

If you want to worship your God, avidly watch folk kick a ball or swap stamps with friends - It's fine by me, as it's your business and not mine. All I ask is that you enjoy 'Life' - Your OWN - and don't worry about what anyone else does eh?

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