Thursday, 4 May 2017

Life of the Party - All Time Low

Not much  'Life' left in these Parties...
Song Choice:- Thanks to Apple Music for suggesting today's belter from a new band to me 'All Time Low'. It delivers the lost feeling of alcohol addiction and sobriety that folk often feel when they are in the transition phase from being the 'Life of ANY Party' to the notion of a far less 'exciting' lifestyle. I know, as I've been there myself. I've had those thoughts...

Have a listen to the track here and listen closely to the lyrics as they speak volumes to me and hopefully my clients whom are going through this process right now and are finding it hard to stay positive without a party to go to... I'm so down with the kids as their album isn't out 'til June 2nd...

Lyrics:- 'Now it's four in the morning, and I'm trying to fix myself. What the hell did I do? I'm the life of the party' 

Somewhere in between who I used to be, and who I'll be tomorrow when the champagne blows my mind. Thrills don't come for free, price you pay for dreams. In the sea of strangers, I can't find me anymore.

Looking back, I don't know why I needed to be the 'Life of the Party' anyway. Maybe it's because Parties are really a bit of rubbish. There's nothing worse than a 'Fancy Dress' or a surprise '40th' or '50th' to get roped into in my opinion. Thinking about it, getting hammered was possibly the only good thing about them, so I've kind of answered my own question there I suppose.

Alcohol withdrawal however does cause a feeling of being 'Lost' - it took me ages to 'Find' myself and there's no quick fix to happiness and inner calm, I can confirm - only time provides the solution to that problem I've found. Looking back, I've probably been through a few personal updates since, as I'd found myself only to lose myself and then find myself once again.

It all sounds a bit nutty, but self-realisation and self-recognition really helps with ANY addiction and finding out which 'Parties' to avoid being the life of, means that the odd piece of 'Birthday Cake' with 'Kryptonite Icing' doesn't slip under the barbed wire and mess up all that hard work.

Being between the person you used to be and the new you is such a 'Minefield' where the longer you survive in it, the danger keeps building like a giant pressure cooker in your head. That's until you realise you don't have to be the 'Life of the Party' as EVERYDAY in your new life is a PARTY not the one where you act the drunk idiot - as let's face it, no-one really likes the 'Life of the Party', as secretly we always think they are a bit of a tw@t.

Be the 'Life of your own Party' everyday - Amen...

More tomorrow...

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