Thursday, 11 May 2017

I Want it All - Queen

Song Choice:- Written by Brian May, about having ambitions and fighting for one's own goals, this 1989 #3 from Queen is a brilliant accompaniment to today's blog.

The lyrics fit perfectly with my teaching and especially for some of those that I'm helping on their journeys' right now. You know whom you are...

Lyrics - 'Adventure seeker on an empty street'.

Oh boy, just how many 'Adventurers' can one man meet in a lifetime? I can tell you it's thousands and there's never any shortage, in fact the numbers are growing daily and what started out as being seen as a strange way of living when I set out on my journey back in 1994 - is the polar opposite as folk are queuing at the door to have their own 'Out of Routine Adventure'.

I don't blame them either and it's even harder to be 'adventurous' in 2017, with the increased demands of our modern day lives. It's been a truly amazing 'Adventure'...

Lyrics - 'I gotta get me a game plan'

You know, I'm not sure this is always a good idea. Knowing the ending of 'The Sixth Sense' or 'Who shot JR' would have ruined the viewing wouldn't it? And even though my diary works on a 24/7 hour-by-hour basis, I enjoy spontaneity. Let's face it, I could never have planned to run 1,000 marathons and having room to breathe helps no end when life's busy or when you are injured. It's frustrating but it's part of the process.

Lyric - 'I'm a man with a one track mind'

Well it's at least two tracks if you know me and many more of course if I'm being honest. The thing is though, I see so many people that are so totally 'Myopic of Mind',and  it makes me wonder how they manage to function. 'Obsession' is such a bad trait where being 'Focused' is a a much better option.

Lyric - 'I want it all and I want it NOW'

Well you can't - You have to work at it - and be patient and what you'll find is you won't have it ALL you'll have MORE... and that's what I try and instil in those I'm coaching.

More tomorrow.

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