Friday, 26 May 2017

Dont' look any further - M People

A great way of wasting your time...
Lyrics:- 'Stop where you standin' - Golde, Lambert & Hitchings

Song Choice:- Yikes it's nearly 25 years since 'M People' hit the charts with this cover version of the original 1984 Temptations single, which peaked in the UK charts at #9 in February 1994.

The above lyric illustrates exactly how I feel today in respect to how where I believe we should be looking this weekend. Primarily introspectively at ourselves and not at others and what they might be up to in their lives. You see, it's far too easy to get caught up in other folk’s worlds and achievements and just become 'Life Spectators'.

Have a think about how much time you waste keeping up with what might be going on elsewhere...

Look at the Bank Holiday weekend ahead. In the world of Ultras, there is the 'Grand Union Canal Race' & the LDWA 100. On a wider scale of sport, there's the FA Cup Final (Arsenal v Chelsea - I had to look on the BBC Sport website - Yawn), Test Match Cricket (BIG Yawn) and the Monaco Grand Prix (even BIGGER YAWN ZZZZzzzz).

The thing is I really don't give a toss what everyone else is up to? I would if I was taking part but I'm certainly not interested in watching other people play at sport. The international sporting events are simply a great way of wasting time indoors when for once it's not going to be the usual washout over the next three days and there's a whole world of fun out there to enjoy and be part of.

So, go out on a run of your design, kick a ball perhaps and instead of going all the way to the south of France to watch paint dry in Monaco - go and treat yourself to a track day driving some wickedly fast cars, I have, it's brilliant fun.

Just do whatever floats YOUR boat and not someone else's. If you do, you'll stop being a 'Life Spectator' perhaps.

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