Saturday, 20 May 2017

Once upon a Time - Simple Minds

Apollo 17 - 1972
Lyrics:- 'And hope, long live hope' - Burchill, Kerr & MacNeil

Song Choice:- It took me ages to find a suitable anthem for today's blog but this Simple Minds track, from the 1985 album of the same title, is one that I normally skip over to get to my favourite of theirs 'Don't you forget about me'. 

The good thong but hearing it again was it really got me thinking.

You see, I can remember at primary school being given 'Once upon a Time', as the first line of a story which we could continue on and write ourselves, literally about anything we wanted. Maybe it was a test to see what fired our imaginations rather than being a literary masterpiece - and don't ask me what I wrote about, as I can't remember but here's the rub.

I wonder how the 10-year-old's screen play for the next 45 years would have said. I'm sure it would be a fascinating read as I would imagine it to be rather vague. I mean, what idea can a young boy have about his future back in the analogue days of 1972, incidentally the year of the last lunar landings and four years before Concorde's first commercial flight whose 'supersonic' travel in that time has come and gone, like a lot if things it seems.

It's funny how ideas, fashions and folk can change with age. I've obviously changed a lot and grown up marginally but one thing that has remained the same is 'Hope' and I love the above line form the song.

Let's hope it continues to 'Live' on as without it, we're all a bit buggered...

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