Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Summer Son - Texas

Lyrics:- 'Here comes the summer's son, he burns my skin' - McElhone, Spiteri, Campbell & Hodgens

Song Choice:- This is a brilliant 'Summer' Song and one well worth listening too again, in my opinion, especially as the mornings and evenings are getting lighter and brighter. Last night, it was still light well past 9pm in Cardiff. It's my favourite time of year as I love the warm 'Summer Sun' and looking at the fresh green leaves on the trees, it makes the trails this time of year most appealing to get out on. As soon as my legs recover from their battering at the weekend, I'll be out there myself, looking for a 'Cornfield' to run through and some 'Summer Sun' to enjoy.

You see, Summer just creeps up on us whilst we are not watching and before you know it, the Cricket Pitches are 'Drying Out, the Horse Chestnuts' are in 'Full Candle' and the Barley Fields are 'Blowin' Free'...

And I bloody love it - especially as I missed out on last year's Summer Sun entirely...

So, my advice today is to get out there and make hay while you can, as you never know when you might get eclipsed and become a shadow of your former self. 

More tomorrow... from Sunny Cardiff.

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