Sunday, 21 May 2017

Underdog - Kasabian

Nothing better than seeing an Underdog win...
Lyrics:- 'You've got the money and the power' - Pizzorno

Song Choice:- I'm not the biggest of Kasabian fan's and they live in my hit-and-miss category along with Primal Scream and the Charlatans. 'Underdog' was a hit with me, yet only got to #32 in the UK Charts in 2009 - talk about living up to your name eh?

Anyway, its the 'Underdog' connection I'm interested in for today's blog as we all love a 'David' beating a 'Goliath' it seems. Kasabian were extremely vocal in heralding Leicester City's Premier League success of last year, coming from Leicester themselves - not to mention Mr. Linekar's gloating - (Oh dear, I just did). And they were amazing, yet it doesn't necessarily guarantee continued success as 12 months on, Leicester City are back mid-table and Claudio Ranieri, the Manager that took them to that 'Underdog' success, has been successfully sacked.

I makes me wonder why the 'Underdog's Victory' is so short lived?

Is it that so much more energy is needed to make a successful follow-up album?

It's not that we don't want them to. I mean, we still call such victors 'Giant-Killers' well over 3,000 years on from David hurling that well aimed stone and a year on from Leicester's Premier League win. It must be that we get tired of the same folk winning all the time. Personally I really dislike the mismatched contest of a F1 Race parade - Just how dull is a Lewis Hamilton win nowadays? And wouldn't it be good if they swapped the cars around so someone else might win for once or they started the grid with the places back to front. Luckily, 'Every Dog has it's day' and that dominance won't last forever.

And whether you are on the 'Up' or 'Down' - there's one thing for sure - it won't last forever as you don't have to be your own 'Underdog', but don't think you can buy success - You have to earn it and 'Slow and steady wins the day' - it's one of my mottoes. 'Make a plan, keep it simple' is another and a dead cert to continued 'Topdog' success.

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