Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Inflection Points - Thomas Newman

Song Choice:- I love the 'Adjustment Bureau' soundtrack and the track 'Inflection Points' is one I love listening to when I need to reflect on my life. An Inflection Point btw is a mathematical term for how a curve changes from being convex to concave - just as life twists and turns or goes through it's highs and lows. In the Adjustment Bureau movie, David Norris (Matt Damon) learns that he is facing the powerful agents of 'Fate' itself, and glimpsing the future laid out for him, must either accept a predetermined path that does not include Elise (Emily Blunt) or else defy 'Fate' to be with her. Wow it's a good film and see what I mean about the 'Inflection Points'?

It makes me wonder whether I would like to see my own 'Inflection Points' and adjust my path accordingly or remain happy not knowing how things were going to unfold ahead of me. You see, I meet a lot of people that need to know the full plot before they can take the first step on any journey. For them a 'Jigsaw Puzzle' without a picture to follow on the box would be mind-blowing. I take that option away from them as it's good to breakout and go with some new 'Inflection Points' that are not of one's own making I believe. The results are most interesting.

Sure a 'Big Picture Approach' is great but the 'Uncertainty of Spontaneity' can be not only refreshing but exciting as the only fear, is fear itself - and why be worried about something that's out of one's control.

It's a worth a think over the next few days and see where your 'Inflection Points' take you.

It might not be to with Emily Blunt and live happily ever after, but It could take you to a whole new dimension.

You never know - You might just enjoy it..

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