Friday, 5 May 2017

Lights Out - Royal Blood

Lyrics:- 'You're not so hard to forget, with all the lights out' - Kerr & Thatcher

Song Choice:- Another track not yet released? My word I'm like John Peel reborn here! 

Anyway take a look for yourself at this first track from Royal Blood's new album 'How did we get so dark' which is released on June 16th. If it's anything like their first, we're all in for a real treat and 'Figure it out' is still on 'parkrun' playlist which speaks volumes for just how great that song is, three years on from it's release.

It's the 'Light's Out' bit I'm interested in for today's blog as I'm not so sure it's that easy to forget what's going in one's world when the light's go out at night. I know a lot of you go to bed worrying about all manner of things in the small hours. It's never an issue when I first 'Hit the Hay' as when I was taking part in the Flora 1000 Mile Challenge in 2003 (you know, the one mile an hour every hour for 1000 hours event), I went to sleep over 300 times in 6 weeks and got into a special fall asleep routine that got me snoring in just a matter of seconds ever since - ask Lady C.

However, I find it's the waking up at 4am routine that's the tricky one, especially at this time of year when it's already starting to get light. You see, the moment my brain cells are activated there's nothing I can do to get me back into 'The Land of Nod'. And I use get up now and have an early morning cup of tea, write a blog and catch up with an old episode of 'The Sweeney'. My word Regan and Carter never needed much sleep!

I know I won't get much tonight as I'm heading for Marathon #990 tomorrow and I'm very excited to be in the last 10 before the 'BIG ONE' at the 'Robin Hood Marathon' on September 24th.

Do your 'Lights go out at Night?'... Or still Glowing?

More tomorrow...

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