Saturday, 13 May 2017

Speed King - Deep Purple

Lyrics :- 'Rockin' to the East and West' - Blackmore, Gillan, Glover, Lord & Paice.

Song Choice:- When it comes to writing a blog about 'Speed', I can only ever think of one track and that's from the Deep Purple's 'A' team line-up above. Listed as being on of their loudest tracks (117db in the 'Guinness Book of Records' as I remember) - it was the 'B' side to another 1970 Purple Classic, 'Black Night'. Take a look for yourself at what being a 'Speed King' looked like 47 years ago at full volume if you can bear it.

Anyway, I'm asked all the time what pace folk should run at, and it got me thinking that what pace to live life at would be a better question. I was thinking this as I was thrashing myself to go sub-30 minutes at the Tamar Lakes parkrun in Cornwall this morning between gasps

The sensible option would have been to have jogged round in a steady speed so as not to knacker myself out for the rest of the day - but a year on from being ill and having subbed the magic 30 every time now at my local faster, flatter parkrun in Cardiff, pride took over and meant that 30+ minutes wasn't now an option. FYI I clocked 29:16 with a lot of huffing and puffing and satisfied my needs but I can't say it didn't hurt.

The 'Race OF Life' is what its about if you ask me. You see we spend what precious time we do have hurrying from one thing to another, without savouring the accomplishments good or bad.

My prolonged time out from everything last year gave me plenty of time for reflection and although I didn't get to complete my 1,000th marathon last September - I will this year and I didn't lose out really and anything it's given me a further 12 months to recognise my own achievement.

Wishing away time, is a waste of time if you ask me. The journey still gets done but with more stops along the way that's all, as when you get there and you've done whatever you set out to do, then you've got to find the next big challenge.

Making the Jigsaw is better than looking at the final complete Jigsaw picture in my experience - is it for you or do you still have missing pieces?

Hey, enjoy your Jigsaw Making and don't be too 'Speedy' about it :-)

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