Sunday, 14 May 2017


My word, seeing a different part of the UK really brings it into perspective what a beautiful and diverse country we are fortunate to live in.

Down in this part of 'Kernow', a street light is unheard of and everywhere you go is either up or down a 20% hill on a road no wider than an MG Roadster (I know that as I saw three of them today).

You see it comes down to 'Choice'. And yes it is wonderland here on a bright sunny Summer's day in May, but in the cold light of a dark November morning - then I reckon a tractor is probably the best family car option in these parts.

It does make me wonder why there is such a 'Town and Country' divide and having experienced both sets of living, Caerdydd and it's neatly packed streets and houses with it's amazing 'City' plethora of shops and amenities really tick my boxes, yet there is something about a rolling field of green headed barley that gets my sap rising along with a nice sandy beach.

Maybe it's the Pagan in me.

I know I'm looking forward to a few more days of 'Country Living' and 'Country Running' if my legs hold out - I managed just over four miles in an hour earlier gasping for air and stronger legs as the hills just about killed me. Then again, why am I moaning as it's an amazing place to relax and stretch your legs once in a while - maybe I should get an MG?

More tomorrow and enjoy your surroundings as you chose them, remember?

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