Monday, 29 May 2017

Round and Around - The Pink Floyd

Song Choice:- Taken from Pink Floyd's 1987 album 'A Momentary Lapse of Reason' this 1.33 minute track usually preceded 'Sorrow' at their live shows and it's a wonderfully haunting piece of 'Floyd Magical Music' IMO. It's well worth listening to it on their 'Delicate Sound of Thunder' album - but you'll need to play it very loudly with a good sub to get the full effect - make sure the neighbours are out or like mine are deaf!

You see it's the 'Sorrow' in the music itself that I find interesting. Googling, the noun 'Sorrow' means 'a feeling of deep distress caused by loss, disappointment, or other misfortune suffered by oneself or others'. To me it just means 'Failure'... and I'd love to know what I find so abhorrent about 'Failing' as it's been one of my limiting 'Life-Factors' I believe.

Is it a result of growing up in an male only school-environment in the very Non-PC 70's - where one slip could cause a school life-time of distress and ridicule? I'd love to know. My non-tolerance of folk giving up is legendary and my 'non-failure focus at any cost' has enabled me to be incredibly driven and achieve but hasn't helped me make friends in certain circles it would appear.

Then again, well into my sixth decade, I'm not sure whether it's something I should worry about or change especially after last year's 'Life-is-too-short' realisation. I do feel 'Sorrow' though, but I believe that's more about looking at life in the rear-view mirror a bit especially as I'm getting older at some of the things I didn't do along the way to today. 

Wow, there are some things I wish I should have done and now never will..

Maybe I'll be more forward focussed following the three day 'Bank-Holiday Cease-Fire'. It is a time though where thoughts go 'Round and Around' again and a couple of marathons will get me fired up and feeling super-positive again.

How's your Bank Holiday shaping up?

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