Monday, 15 May 2017

Down and Out - Genesis

Lyrics:- 'I don't talk round corners, it's right between the eyes, if you're slow they'll run past you' - Banks, Collins & Rutherford

Song Choice:- This is the first track from the 1978 album, 'And then there were three'. Yes, it's nearly 40 years' since Steve Hackett picked up his guitar case, said 'I'm off Guys' and left the band for good. I wonder how they coped with that at the time - Yet, without him and Sir Peter of Gabriel, they went on to even greater success. Funny how things work out eh? I remember buying this album, the minute it was released though and still look back very fondly of my time listening to Genesis as a 16 year old lad.

Anyway, 'Down and Out' is how I felt this morning if I'm being honest as my legs just didn't want to move following a couple of days of hill bashing down here in Kernow. Post GBS they are a bit wobbly still you see when I go down hill. So I've decided to make my week down here an 'Out and Back' training camp to toughen 'em up. You might want to try this one - Same route every day - 30 minutes out and 30 minutes back trying to get further every day and running a negative split. It's a killer...

Especially not easy if you're running in the Cornish Alps but I managed an extra half mile on yesterday's run and still beat the hour, so I was well chuffed. My legs are f*cked though and OK, I hammered myself to do it but sometimes a good kick up your own arse stops you from being 'Down and Out' I've found.

You see I don't talk round corners...and are you in need of a 60 minute body and mind reset? I bet you are if you are being honest...

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