Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Always in my Head - Coldplay

Lyrics:- My body moves, goes where I will – Berryman, Buckland, Champion & Martin

Song Choice:- On a day that I’ll see Coldplay at the Principality Stadium in Caerdydd, it seems only right to choose one of my favourite Martin penned tracks. Hopefully I’ve picked one that reflects how I feel today as I sit on the train, London bound on the 0512hrs ‘Red-Eye’, ready to engage in being ‘Awesome’ rather than ‘Average’ at Threshold Sport’s first ‘Net-Walking’ event.

‘Always in my Head’ is yet another example of Chris Martin’s enduring magical songwriting genius which has produced hit after hit and success after success for nearly twenty years. As a modern-day ‘Rock Band’, their continued success is unparalleled.

So why is that? And why do I think it’s relevant to me and today’s blog?

Well, I was asked to ‘Distill’ my ‘Mindset’ as part of a ‘Personal Development Programme’ that I’m on right now. Getting this down on paper in one sentence or soundbite, is proving virtually impossible as it’s a totally natural process that’s hard-wired into my DNA – but I’m going to give it a real go. It’s going to take me a few days to compose and I’m going to need Lady C’s help to get it just right for sure.

And that’s where Coldplay come in. I mean I’m not Chris Martin but in their analogy what makes Coldplay, Coldplay? – Hmm, well that’s simple, it’s a blend of Chris Martin’s ability, musicality and personality supported by the rest of the band and a producer and engineer that can take that ability and give it the 100% Elite Star-Quality we have become used to.

At the heart of things, Chris Martin’s ‘Unique’. And I can’t quite put my finger on quite what it is as he’s not an outstanding vocalist or performer but somehow there’s a ‘Magic’ and ‘Stage Presence’ that’s infectious. Maybe it’s his enthusiasm that’s the key to their success and I wonder what his ‘Mindset’ might be as they start developing ideas for their next album.

Has he ‘Distilled’ his ‘Mind-set’?’ or is it just hard-wired into his DNA too?

Maybe it’s something you’ve either got or you haven’t. I mean what is the ‘Magic Sauce’ that makes things happen? Means that you never give up, that people find intimidating, that drives you on at all costs, that if you could bottle it would be worth millions…

Well that’s my mission to find out, articulate and deliver. Something I’ll be considering of course when I’m watching Coldplay tonight as the core-elements of my ‘Mindset’ are ‘Always in my Head’.


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