Sunday, 2 July 2017

Don't give hate a chance - Jamiroquai

Lyrics:- 'And who's right and who's wrong' - Jay Kay

Song Choice:- I always loved Jamiroquai and I really love this track. Level 42's Mark King would be proud of the bass line and there's a definite groove within the track that I love to listen to when I'm 'Running' - even when I'm 'hating' it.

Well when I say 'Hate', it's not really 'Hate' is that's a very strong word and it wasn't the 'Running' I was 'Hating' last night, it was my legs inability to move at anything above a snail's pace. Yep, the Guillain-Barré Syndrome is still affecting me and it's monochromatic 'Rubbish/Great' - Runs on consecutive days scenario lives on and does drive me a little potty if I'm being honest.

Maybe, if I wasn't me and I was someone who was less extreme and more 'toned-down', I'd have given up by now. But then that isn't me and even on a Sunday that Frank Spencer would have been proud of, the GBS Kryptonite suddenly disappeared and I enjoyed a couple of speedy miles in the bright sunshine this afternoon.

You see, it would have been only too easy not to have even tried to run at all today with all that negativity surrounding my thoughts. It did however prove to be the perfect 'Antedote' to the corrosion that disappointment can often bring and I for one have no room left for that in my world.

So, my 'REAL' message is don't give 'ANYTHING' a chance to steer you away from your goal or from what you believe or who YOU are.

There are far too many 'Average' people out there to blend into if you want, but it's far better to keep trying to be 'Awesome' at everything you do - as you will if you want it enough.


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