Thursday, 20 July 2017

All Stood Still - Ultraxox

New Romantic Cool? v 80's Nightmare
Lyrics:- 'The lights went out (The last fuse blew)
The clocks all stopped (It can't be true)
The program's wrong (What can we do?)
The printout's blocked (It relied on you)' - Ure

Song Choice:- Vienna has to be one of THE albums of the early 80's and has so many great tracks including Mr X, Western Promise and this one, All Stood Still as well as the incredibly well known title track Vienna, itself. I won't bash on about that only ever getting to #2 being held off the top spot by Joe Dolce's Shadapp you faceas we are all too familiar with that story (poor old Midge Ure never has lived that one down).

It really was the miss of the decade, well in popular music terms anyway. 

However, the song's well worth the listen and as you'll see it's no wonder the 'Synth-Based New Romantic' style was somehow never going to last and by 1990 most of the 'New Romantics' were more 'Old Romantics'. Those that had survived, had become more mainstream and well into long-term music careers like Duran Duran and Simple Minds. For these bands, they'd gone from being rather awkward and geeky, to well polished performers who were more stadium sized bands rather than the Arthouse Club Acts, they'd started out as. 

Sadly Ultravox didn't make the cut. The changes? Well, they happened super-slowly and it's amazing how much some these performers had changed by the end of the decade.

Oh the point of all of this? Well it just got me thinking about how much we change and will change in each of the decades of our lives. It's something we don't see ourselves when we look into our bathroom mirrors each morning, as the change happens with the speed of a 'Stop Go Animation' at a ridiculously slow rate. Sometimes, it's only our friends and family who have the courage to announce our transformation from one stage to another.

Watch Matthew Perry's transformation over the ten series of 'Friends' to see how much one person can change and how lifestyle is reflected in how they look. It's amazing how we judge people by how they appear and especially how they are turned out. 

It happens every day, all day, everywhere you go, never forget that. We are all constantly being judged.

The image you project is a clear statement of who you really are and reflects your standards and ideals. It might be worth looking at your own reflection and see if it's changed since 2007, as the clocks haven't stopped and nothing stands still. Remember, whatever your lifestyle is now, will be reflected in how you look in 2027 and in your health.

It's well worth a thought...


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