Sunday, 16 July 2017

More than this - Roxy music

Lyrics:- 'There was no way of knowing' - Ferry

Song Choice:- I loved Roxy's 1982 album 'Avalon' when it came out and 'More than this' has always been one of the highlight tracks on it in my opinion.

It more than highlights my thoughts on an action packed weekend both in the running world and also in the world of professional sport. You see, I love watching the British Grand Prix and the Wimbledon Finals as this is where dreams are made and careers are made or destroyed by a either a split second or the thickness of a white line. Sure, the rewards are massive but the honour is always greater. Federer and Hamilton  are most worthy winners eh?

It pushes me on to try and deliver in my own world, look at my own shortcomings and drives me on to make my own successes more satisfying.

Ask any runner what their favourite race is and they'll probably tell you it's one they've won or one where it's been a personal best - One where they've given everything and  run their absolute fastest. For instance I wouldn't trade my 3:24:21 marathon PB for anything as it was a real landmark day all those years ago in back in 1996.

The thing is, twenty years on, I therefore have to consider where I can still achieve things and feel the same feelings of achieving 'personal bests' that I did back then.

Well that comes down to how hard you push yourself. How high you set your bar. How much you are prepared to go 'More than this' or more than what you are giving things right now.

You might think that what you are doing is more than enough. The interesting thing is, if you were to find another gear and get your head down, you'd find out that you'll surpass all of your wildest dreams and expectations and be great than you'd ever think you could be.

Looking at folks results over the weekend whom I coach, they are discovering just that.

And if you are struggling, give it a they as you'll only know if you do...


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