Saturday, 29 July 2017

Shut your eyes - Snow Patrol

Lyrics:- 'Shut your eyes and think of somewhere' - Simpson, Quinn, Lightbody, Connolly & Wilson

Song Choice:- The weekend in my world is always full of adventure and I'm lucky with my running adventures and with my work to visit some truly amazing places on this wonderful planet of ours.

The thing is, even some of my highlights are highlighted if you get my drift. There's just something magical about some of the places that's hard to describe. You see, they have their own unique frequency or chemistry that radiates positivity and warmth when you are there, or when you think about them.

I could easily list a hundred places, I mean Merzouga and Petra have both played a very important part in my life - so I love them. Further afield there's the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Empire State Building, both modern day wonders in my book. And another is Penarth Pier, where I went today. Built in 1898, with a later built Art Deco Pavilion, it's views out to the Severn Bridges and across the estuary are breathtaking especially when there's a blue sky in town.

Maybe these places around the globe are connected by some kind of magical Coleman 'Ley Lines' or by some other form of 'Voodoo Magic'. Maybe they feel special as I've enjoyed special life moments there. The best thing is if you are in need of some clarity in your life, then I suggest you go to one of your own special places and then take some time there, to think a few things over.

It's a real game changer I found over the years. Some of the events I've taken part in are truly special too and the Nottingham Marathon wasn't a coincidence for my #1,000th Marathon. It's the BEST road marathon IMO and I've had some fast times and great runs there, it's much better than London or New York and far less crowded. I'm starting to really look forward to the 24th September.

So while I'm waiting, maybe you can tell me where are your places are and why are they so special to you.


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