Saturday, 15 July 2017

Push it - Salt N Pepa

Lyrics:- 'How to become number one in a hot party show' - Azor, Brito, Davies, Giles, Green, James, Jones & Thomas. 

Song Choice:- 'I've always loved this 1987 classic which incidentally was co-written by Sir Ray Davies of 'The Kinks' - Yikes, he really 'Got me' with that one.

Anyway, if like me you were at a parkrun this morning, I wonder how competitively you 'Pushed it'? For the 'Family Coleman' it was there as an intended gentle Saturday jog-round with us starting absolutely last out of a field of 675 people armed with a double-buggy, loaded up with our two small boys. I'll hasten to add here that I wasn't the one pushing...

Anyway, it started out as a light-hearted affair as it took well over a minute to cross the start line and well over 10 minutes to slowly dodge through the running-traffic until we hit the open fields where Lady C said the 'Red-Rag-To-A-Bull' comment, 'You are not going for a sub-30 today then?'

Hmm... and you know, I did try to resist but after a slow start, which made for a good warm up, it didn't feel right just to chug around as this time last year, I couldn't even walk. Not 'Pushing-it' would therefore have been a crime, well that's what I told myself as I lurched past at least 10 people as I went into my normal parkrun running speed.

Our miles went 10:17, 9:00 & 8:26 with the last 0.11 of a mile at 7:51 pace - it felt bloody brilliant! - Oh we did 29:38 if you are interested and overtook 269 people.

That sub-25 with a flying start is now well on the cards or even quicker if I train hard. My 'Run hard or go home' will now be my parkrun mantra, even when we are out jogging as a family, as Jenny can do 24 minutes with the buggy on a hilly course. She's the one to really beat (With the Pushchair of course)!

How hard did you 'Push it' today?


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