Thursday, 6 July 2017

Ship to Wreck - Florence and the Machine

Lyrics:- 'Did I drink too much, am I losing touch?' - Welch & Hull

Song Choice:- Now I'm not the biggest 'Florence and the Machine' fan BUT this is an awesome opening track from her 2015 album, 'How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful'. There's a great 'Live' performance that goes with it too if you are interested - how she didn't get electrocuted I'll never know.

It's a great tune though and you see, it's easy one for me to connect to on listening to the songs lyrics, as I see other folks daily actions and reactions arising from the 'Kryptonite' that daily drinking and weekend binging brings to their lives.

Now I'm not one to stand and preach about the pros and cons of alcohol - it's just that I personally didn't know where the 'Off-Switch' was where drinking was concerned and felt  I'd be better off without it in my life or I'd be simply DEAD if it was. What other people do with their lives? Well that's their business and it's their choice of course.

However, I get a really interesting reaction when I ask my clients as part of their journey's with me, if they could abstain from drinking booze for just 12 weeks to see if they are better without it.

Nearly always they say 'Yes'... Some with a qualifying 'I've wanted to quit/cut down for ages', or 'this will be good for me' and 'if it's part of the plan, of course'. It would appear that 'Wrecking your Ship' when you have someone to report to, is a whole lot harder to do as ' Failure with me isn't an option'.

So why's it an option when you are out there battling the world on your own?' - I've always wondered at that one...

Anyway, if you are thinking about going AF for a day, a week, a while, a weekend, 12-weeks or for LIFE. I'm always here to help and totally get how hard it is etc. BUT I totally get how bloody brilliant it is not to have been  'Wrecking my Ship' in over 23 years.


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