Tuesday, 11 July 2017

One Vision - Queen

Dan minus 31kgs
Lyric:- 'One flesh, one bone, one true religion. One voice, one hope, one real decision' - Taylor

Song Choice:- On 'Weigh-in-Tuesday' it seems only right to choose a track that reflects what's really necessary to make things happen for anyone chasing their dream - namely 'One Vision'. This Queen track released all the way back in 1985 has Freddie at his 'Hammer to Fall' best IMO and I love this live performance at Wembley Stadium on July 12th 1986.

Yikes, 31 years on and how about giving it some thought today about what your 'One Vision' is. The one that's driving you on? You know the must 'Do or Die thing' that's occupying your every waking moment.

Talking to Dan Mullin this morning, I know exactly what his is and where he's going. The funny thing is after losing a whopping 31kgs (68lbs) of excess body-weight since March 1st, he is still 'overweight' at 100.1kgs and is now only really starting his journey of fitness and ULTRAmarathon glory he's set his heart on. Hopefully the 'Energy-Vampires' that are already saying 'Enough is enough' will change their tune as he heads onto a more healthy 85kgs and claims his 'One Vision' and hail him, like me as a 'Winner'.

The Guy's a Superstar and if you are struggling doing that last 15 minutes on the treadmill or salivating over a 'Finger of Fudge' in a queue. Take heed from our Dan as neither of them are on his agenda.

As there's only one way to become a winner at the 'Game of Life'...


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