Friday, 28 July 2017

If you want it - Take That

Lyrics:- 'Every day we get a little bit closer' - Barlow, Donald, Kursten & Owen

Song Choice:- One of the lesser know tracks perhaps from Take That's multi-platinum selling album 111. I've heard it a million times, because it follows on from my favourite Take That song of all time 'Let in the Sun'. It's a track that's grown on me over the past couple of years though and you might like it too.

The lyrics initially made me think about determination and desire - whereas now I think more about how things that might have been alien to our beliefs and daily routine, become super-important when we experience a shift in our direction, desire and ambition. 

If you believe what the internet says, the process for something to become a habit takes 66 days. Yep, do something for 9.5 weeks and it will become second nature. On the flip side though, it only takes 21 days to lose the new habit if you don't stick at it. No wonder there are so many failures when people take up new pastimes or regimes. After that first flush of inertia, the energy needed to maintain the drive wanes or seems less important and all is lost.

Progression is a real devil you see, and without some kind of visual change or positive data shift, the horizon doesn't feel like it's getting closer and we simply give up and make excuses for not finishing what we'd started.

After 28 days, my A2A Stepnell Guys should now firmly be into their stride creating new  habits and removing some old ones from their day-to-day lives. I'm really looking forward to seeing them next Tuesday so I can hear about the changes they've been making to their habits, in just a month. I hope that the weekend only pushes them further along that journey. to freedom.

Gary Barlow's right in that 'If you want it, you can get it'... only you've got to really want it in the first place.

Are you getting any closer?


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