Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Let there be Love - Simple Minds

Building 'Love'...
Lyrics:- 'It heals and it hurts' - Kerr & Burchill

Song Choice:- Released in 1991 this is a great track from Simple Minds and is typical of their stadium years. I'd say that they were a much better band at the time than U2 but some how they went into a decline soon after this track, whereas U2 weathered the storm and went onto even greater chart and album success - it's a real shame IMO. Then again, I'm sure Jim Kerr and Charlie Burchill won't be losing much sleep over it tonight as they would certainly have made their fortune well before this release.

Anyway, I love the lyrics... and perfect for today as I LOVE Tuesday's.  They are always full of fun in my world as I get so many 'Messages of Success' from clients announcing their 'Weight-loss' and 'Power-Hour Triumphs' on Messenger, Facebook, What’s App and Text. My iPhone was red-hot this morning and that's without a fresh set of 12 #Average2Awesome clients from Stepnell Ltd, starting their journey with us at the Peak Performance Gym in Rugby.

'The Stepnell Dozen'
The first session is always a lot of fun as we start to get to know folk. What we really noticed about this group today was how much CARED about each other which triggered me into thinking about the above track.

You see, it's ok to get pushed to reach your goals by me or by the people around you, but along the way you'll need a lot of 'Love'. Mostly from yourself - as it's easy to be your own worst critic if you're not careful and the training is tough enough without giving yourself a good kicking too.

So with that thought in mind, how about a week of accountability all round where we stick to our goals, stay away from the cookie jar and get on with what we do best - Yes, 'Stretching our Horizons' and that way maybe, our own 'Love' can help heal us and take away some of 'The Hurt Pain of Life' perhaps.


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