Tuesday, 18 July 2017

The future's so bright I've got to wear shades - Timbuk3

Back on the Malvern's
Lyrics:- 'I'm doing alright' - MacDonald

Song Choice:- I wanted a song that reflected my thoughts on the year that's gone by and what lies in store as we head into the second part of 2017 and beyond.

You see today was a great day as our 'Annual Lady Coleman's Birthday Pilgrimage to the Beacon at Great Malvern' celebrations were re-instated after last year's non occurrence due to my being ill.

Malvern is a special place for us as we both have great childhood memories of happy times on the hills above the town.

It was a proper little family event too, made even more special by Jack (2) walking all the way to the top and Charlie (1) being the youngest person to be pushed to the summit all day i would imagine.

The other factor, apart from our Birthday Girl enjoying her walk, was that it was somewhere this time last year, that I never thought I'd never be able to see again - without some special help and a very powerful wheelchair anyway...

If you remember, I had a few bottom lip quivers out in Morocco at the MdS earlier this year but the interesting thing today was that I felt a real calm about being at the top 425m high summit with my brood.

You see, I feel like I've moved on from thinking about the past and really I'm now only thinking of what lies ahead and how bright the future really is, now that I'm returning to somewhere near my old level of health and wellness.

I often quote the line 'The future's bright etc.' and this time I really mean it as whatever's in the past has gone and if you need to be liberated, there's always time to go and run up a mountain to find out that you are glad to be alive, with the whole bright future ahead of you.


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