Sunday, 30 July 2017

Chasin' the Feeling - The Biters

Lyrics:- 'But I keep looking for that one thing to get me loose, Set me free'.

Song Choice:- The Biters are a rock band from Georgia, Atlanta and are heavily influenced by Thin Lizzy, Cheap Trick and ACDC according to Wiki. This track is a real rocker and well worth a listen if you are looking for a good tune to run to. It sure has some balls and I wonder if you have too, if like me you are reflecting on your weekend, and preparing for another week at the coalface, hoping to make things happen. You know, Chasin' the Dream.

You see, we are all Chasin' something.

And if one of the things you're Chasin' is the Feeling' then I'm wondering what you are doing to find it and it's that sense of Feeling that I want to blog about today. For lots of people, they find it hard to know how far along their journey they actually are and without any data it's hard for them to determine their progress. For me that sense of 'Feeling' is a totally natural thing. So obvious, so black and white that there's no special  'Magic Eye' vision required to clearly see what we are, and what we not capable of at that particular moment in time. Knowing how hard to push and where one's limits are, is a real gift.

Sunday evening is always such an interesting time on FaceBook. As folk post their successes and failures to their hopefully supportive peer groups. Rarely do we see an 'If you were a lot slimmer, did some proper training and set your sights lower you might finish for once...' kinda replies when people drop out. What we do see is a lot of is 'You are a Warrior', 'You are still a Hero in my book' etc. comments that only lower general levels of preparation and expectation. Not going 100% is a national pastime it would appear.

In my experience, if you give something a full 100% and then some and if you do it for long enough you won't have to go Chasin' the Feeling, it will find YOU. You'll simply have all the confidence you'll need and whatever you are undertaking will be a real synch.

For the 'Just Enough Brigade', just enough is NEVER enough and if you are someone that never gives anything absolutely everything, then you'll always be Chasin' the Feeling rather than 'Living the Dream'... and doomed to 'Averageness'.

Have a think and ask yourself just how much more than 100% are you actually giving. It might speak volumes about you and your expectations...


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