Friday, 14 July 2017

Undo - Grey's Anatomy

'There's no 'Undo' button. There's only hoping we can learn, we can change. Right? We can do better'. - Meredith Grey

Today's Choice:- I find some great 'Soundbites for Life' in the strangest of places sometimes. Grey's Anatomy has been a firm favourite boxed set in the Coleman Household for 13 seasons now. Over the years, it's creator, Shonda Rhimes has conveyed a complete spectrum of medical and ethical scenarios and has deliberately heavily featured characters regardless of race or sex that can convey the messages and life-lessons  her audience can easily engage with. If you've never seen the show, it's well worth a look and most heartwarming at times.

At the start of each episode, there's a narration usually by lead character, Meredith Grey. The 'Undo' comment above is in one such narration that really caught my attention when I saw the show..

You see, if like me you design your own newsletters and website content, have you ever considered during that creative process just how many times you hit the 'Control + Z' keys? Without the 'Undo' facility it would be virtually impossible and the occasional 'Control + S' keeps what we've designed safe as there's nothing worse than things crashing unexpectedly.

Without those commands, the whole process would be a nightmare, just like it is in real life where the 'Control + Z' simply doesn't exist.

I mean,what things would you 'Undo' if you had the chance. Not the big ones, the massive life bloopers we all have rattling away in our cupboards or the accidents that by no fault of our own gave us the fright of our lives at one stage or another. Yikes, I can remember a couple of bicycle fails that really smashed me up at the time which I would have instantly 'Undone' - Then again forty years on, you'll never see me on a bike so I must have learned something from hitting the front of that Austin Maxi!

Therefore, perhaps have to 'Learn' rather then 'Undo' and Meredith finishes this episode by saying 'What's done is done. But the future is ours to choose.' 

So choose wisely folks...


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