Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Crystal - New Order

Lyrics:- 'We're like Crystal' - GilbertHookMorris & Sumner

Song Choice:- Wow, I've been blogging for over 13 years now - and on this site, with over 1,000 posts covering my thoughts, feelings and exploits for the last five years. 

For those of you new to my world, the idea of the music accompaniments came about from a) that I simply love music and it's been a real theme 'For Life' since I was a teenager and b) a track that I'd listened on that particular day that was relevant to what had occurred in 'Coleman-World'. Back in 2004 when in I started blogging, on the way from London to Lisbon, Tears for Fears was a real favourite and looking back over the months it's interesting for me to see how my tastes and phases have changed.

I'm not sure if I've ever chosen 'Crystal' by New Order before - I know I've chosen other tracks of theirs but this is probably their best offering post 'Blue Monday'. The Album version is a cool 6.51 minutes and here it is from 'Glastonbury' in 2005 with a very low slung Peter Hook Bass which is simply 'Awesome'...

Anyway, the idea is that you might blow the dust off the track yourself, take a re-listen and enjoy some of the same feelings I get from listening to this kinda music when I'm out and about.

You see, after a long day out with our new #Average2Average Group at Stepnell in Rugby, I was pounding the streets and Lady C was hammering the exercise bike making sure we practice what we preach at 10.30pm. Cardiff at that time of night, especially in Canton where we live, is really quiet and there are only a few people out getting some late night supplies from the nearby Tesco Mini-Market, (some in a relative state of unsteadiness and some a looking a bit angry). I must say, it did make me feel a little intimidated, as you never know who's who out there and Lady C was better off on the exercise bike at home. 

And that's where 'Crystal' hit my ears drums and made me realise how like Crystal we are and no matter how 'Strong' we can appear and just how 'Fragile' we all really are. I did then wonder what I was frightened of as I could have easily out-run anyone I met so that felt good especially as at this time last year I was waiting to go back into hospital in a state of 'unsteadiness' myself!

So be strong today in whatever you are undertaking and be safe about it too. Enjoy 'Crystal' as it's a great track to build your day on and in my case 'My Blog'.


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