Friday, 21 July 2017

Match of the Day - Genesis

Winning more now than ever...
Lyrics:- 'The only way, to spend your Saturday' - Banks, Collins, Hackett & Rutherford

Song Choice:- Well it's not surprising that Steve Hackett left the band after recording this EP, and it's very rare that I pick a really DUFF track for my blog but this 1977 shocker from Genesis illustrates my thoughts perfectly going into the weekend on what might be a better way of spending your Saturday.

For instance, from the end of next year you'll be able to come Wales for free! Wales is such a cool place right now. You see, it's been announced today that we're scrapping the entry fee into God's Country over the two Severn Crossings to increase trade and tourism.

It's great news and I reckon I've personally paid for at least one of the bridges over the past few years with all of the crossings I've done - I'm not sure where the missing £167,000,000 will come from though that the tolls currently produce but maybe the Welsh Government is hoping that the tax on the extra income brought in by dropping the tolls will pay dividends? Hmm...I'm not sure either?

Anyway, back to 'Match of the Day' bit and the Severn Bridge toll is just a drop in the ocean against we spend as a nation watching other people play sport on a Saturday afternoon. The numbers are mind-blowing when you consider that you can actively take part in sport, as the BBC's #GetInspired campaign encourages for £0 - yep a bit fat zero at your local parkrun. Considering the BBC pay Gary Linekar £2,000,000 for his TV 'Anchorman' role, and if the reports are correct, Alan Shearer £450,000 for his 'Punditry' it's all seems a crazy way to spend the licence fee when the cash could be used in much more positive way.

Sadly, the modern-day game of football is a 'Network Marketing Dream'. Back in 1977, the above song's lyrics mention a player's transfer fee of being £440,000 - well that's less than a week's wages for Gareth Bale nowadays, and he's only one of many at the top of this particular money pyramid.

And who's funding it? Well that's the 'Football Fanatic'. The guy buying a season ticket at a Premier League Ground for 19 games a year at a mere £1,000. Add in a Sky subscription all the travel, home shirt, away shirt, casual third shirt and multiply that by a few hundred thousand similar fans and you can easily see how the cash stacks up.

I've nothing against the game and if it floats your boat, well that's fine by me. I'll freely admit that I love the World Cup and Euros but the weekends, are for living out your own sporting dreams and achieving your own personal goals rather than watch other people try and score theirs - I mean you are not even guaranteed a good match or even a result. At least with my approach you are in charge of your own destiny and enjoyment factor.

You can win your own 'Champions League' every year...

So enjoy the weekend 'Match of the Day' free for at least a couple more weekends and have a great Saturday especially if you are trying to smash out a new 5km PB.


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