Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Human Racing - Nik Kershaw

Nik looking the part...
Lyrics:- 'Around and around we go' - Kershaw

Song Choice:- Remember Nik? Wasn't he in Duran Duran for a while? I'm sure he was. I know he was a teenage heartthrob until his fans found out he was married. He did write some good tunes though and Human Racing today highlights my thoughts perfectly on the subject of the Human 'Race'...

You see, we're all 'Racing' nowadays with little time to come up for air and consider our precarious lives on this revolving lump of spinning rock in the midst of time and space. 

The concept of space and time is rather mind-blowing but the wonder of how our world was created in a nano-second of time in an ever expanding space that one day will implode makes our day-to-day existence seem rather futile to say the least. In real terms, our whole life existence is a mere blink of an eye and it's kinda frightening what we do with the time we have living on it.

We all want to make our mark. A mark on the planet. To be known for doing or being something. Standing out from the crowd isn't easy and being a 'World Beater' a very rare commodity.

That's why it's strange to think we are all so different. We're not really. I mean looking in on our world, we would all be seen as one species, one breed. Yet why do we believe that we are all so different and have such diverse needs. We are all pretty much the same it's only that our drive is different.

99.99% of us have 206 bones, will have had 32 adult teeth at one time or another, walked, talked and learned to be a 'Human', as a species we are great at learning, at expanding our minds and pushing the boundaries way past their limits.

The strange thing I find is that we don't look after our 'Vehicle for Discovery', yes our Body very well at all. That's why daily fitness is so important to our longevity, as well as our need for greatness in whatever field we can find to make our mark. Those treadmill Guinness World Records I set in 1998 have been worth their weight in gold over the years. It took me four years and 116 marathons to get my mind, body and soul ready to know that when I stepped onto the treadmill, the five records I was chasing in that 24 hours were going to be a dead cert.

My point is, that if you set out to do something, make sure you do it.

My timing was just perfect and my driver at the time was thatI just wanted them more than anyone else. So my question is where are you making yours and who are you racing against?


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