Monday, 17 July 2017

Desire - U2

A 'Burning Desire' Ho ho...
Lyrics:- 'Gonna go where the bright light and the big city meet' - Clayton, Evans, Hewson & Mullen

Song Choice:- Yikes, I chosen this song quite often it would appear, so it's connotation must have had a profound effect on me over the years. That's for a long time too, as 'Rattle and Hum' is now thirty year's old and is still one of my favourite live albums BTW and is probably marks U2 at their best IMO.

Anyway, the dictionary definition of 'Desire', as a noun, is 'A strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen'.

Wow, it's such a strong word...and something that's very difficult sometimes to achieve.

You see it all comes back to the 'Ambition' versus 'Ability' debate I've found and its one that I've often written about and one that keeps cropping up in my day-to-day dealings and interactions with most of my clients.

I love 'Ambition'... I mean without it, where would we be. I'm a very 'Ambitious' person and will admit that even though sometimes it's been my undoing, I'm only too aware that it's part of my DNA, which I've learned to control and hopefully use to my benefit.

However, 'Ability' proves to be the limiting factor and this is where 'Desire' comes into play. It all depends how much you want something happen IMO. If it's an 'All Costs Desire' and more important than anything kinda thing, then you'll probably get what you want. If not, well you may as well not bother, as it probably won't happen. It's amazing how many people 'SAY' they want to achieve something yet what they 'Desire' is a long way down their list of 'Priorities'. 

Keeping ones 'Focus' and 'Determination' for an extended period of time, is the limiting factor and one where often many people fail.

So, on a fresh Monday - Forget the past, it's gone and instead 'Refuel your Desire'... and let your 'Ambition' match your 'Ability' for once. You can achieve 'ANYTHING', if you want it enough.


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