Sunday, 23 July 2017

Solsbury Hill - Sir Peter of Gabriel

Not as Sunny today!!!
Lyrics:- 'I just had to trust imagination' - Gabriel

Song Choice:- If you run over Solsbury Hill on a marathon, it's only right to use it as a 'Blog-song' IMO.

Gabriel's first post Genesis hit from 1977 relates a spiritual experience he had on top of the hill about his thoughts about his departure from the band.

It's really about the gambles we take in life. You know when you take everything you've built, everything you've worked for and everything you created only to discard it in the hope of what you are striving for instead is the golden ticket.

I've done it myself a few times with differing levels of success but have always thought that I've been better off for taking the gamble, rather than not.

There's nothing worse in my world than someone saying 'If only I'd... as of course they should have. Even if things don't turn out for the best, you'll always know if it was wirth the sacrifice and there's nearly always a second chance anyway.

So what's stopping you climbing your 'Solsbury Hill' today? And what are you most frightened of?

If it's the 'Fear of Failure', if it is, don't worry as you probably won't... if it's the 'Fear of Trying', climb your hill, take a good look around and then give it a go... what is there to lose eh? A bit of pride perhaps?

Come on - dive on in, the water's lovely especially in a British Summer - as it pi55ed it down today for nearly all 26.2 miles.


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