Friday, 30 August 2013

Breathe - The Almighty Pink Floyd

Waters, Gilmour & Wright
There's always a bit of a lag before a race but I'm going to enjoy it as I want to do well at Sunday's Wolverhampton Marathon. It does mean that I've got a couple of easy days of training including a ridiculously easy 5km today which really just kept my legs turning over before the weekend.

Taking time to carbo-load up on fructose, hyper-hydrate and ease the mileage down was always a big part of my early marathon running achievements. Working out how to prepare mentally and physically made a huge difference to my times and took the tension out of race day. Nearly 20 years and I'm still replicating my preparation process only nowadays my races are sometimes only a day apart rather than a couple of months. 

Hopefully this will make Sunday's race a good one. Anyone else going to be at Wolverhampton?

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