Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Treat Infamy - Rest Assured

My World Record Venue
'I know I'm ready and I wanna go, get on a roll like a rolling stone' - Rest Assured

On a power hour tonight the above track surfaced at 50 mins on my headphones and it really boosted my way to completing the dreaded hour long treadmill session. It immediately took me back to 1998 and my day of breaking five Guinness World Records, where at 3am in the morning the same song played, as I battled the dark hours of the 24 hour treadmill run.

It's funny how music is so evocative and how much it means to how I feel and perform... I just love running to tunes...

I'll be making sure that this is on my MP3 player at next Sunday's  Wolverhampton Marathon (birthplace of my dear mother), where I hope it's going to fire me up for another sub-four performance.

We'll see, as I have hills to negotiate tomorrow morning with Jenny and more hill climbing guests... more then.

Better get my Hawkwind album fired up!

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