Sunday, 25 August 2013

Lazy - David Byrne

'I'm lazy as a man can be' - David Byrne

Don't know about you but these bank holiday weekends are a bit of a brain-killer. The Grand Union Canal Race graced it once as I remember and there is the chance of clocking up three marathons around the UK to keep the 'marathon number-clocker' happy but my bank holiday has come at a time when I am starting to wind down my training for my next big project and I've done nothing for the past three days now as part of my recovery programme.

It's made me feel VERY lazy indeed. It's not helped by a general countrywide lethargy it seems and thank goodness we are going to get a long run in tomorrow. 

Hopefully I'll get a good night's sleep to add to the couple of hours I managed to get in during the Grand Prix! I think that's why they were invented. All I need is a good Bond Film to help me drop off.

More tomorrow...

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