Saturday, 24 August 2013

Extreme Ways - Moby

'Extreme ways are back again' - Moby

The Bank Holiday Weekend hasn't come soon enough as it's been a busy old week on the old running front. Jenny and myself were going to get even another marathon in today but have decided that Monday's Kent Coastal Marathon is actually a far better option and that today and tomorrow will provide a couple of well earned days of rest.

I actually feel GREAT...and thankful thatmy body has coped really well with the extreme loading I've given it this week.

However, I've heeded to Jenny's advice (my coach of course), as she's wanting to be careful not to overdo it and get injured before I start my next exploit. It's difficult to stop running, as that's what I like doing but she's right and luckily I have her second sight and sense to keep me safe, sound and on task.

More of this tomorrow...

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