Thursday, 22 August 2013

Shoot to thrill - AC/DC.

Centurion Ben
'And I can't get enough' - Young, Young & Johnson

AC/DC became our band of choice for journalist Ben Wilson and myself during the past couple of days as he finished his four consecutive marathons in four days. It's been an amazing journey for Ben as this time last year he was a complete 'Non-Runner' and it's been a year of hard work to get him from 'Zero to Centurion Hero'.

The transformation is completely inspiring and as a coach it's been a pleasure to facilitate this process.

I'm not sure that most folk would find seven crossings of the Old Severn Bridge their ideal way of spending a day out BUT for Ben it was the ideal way of preparing mentally for the last 26.2 miles of the 100 mile race he has planned for next May.

In fact, it was obvious from the start that we both loved the Bridge and it does have a certain magical property that some places have and on a bright clear day with the Severn flowing out to low tide and then back in, the day gained a certain rhythm.

Don't get me wrong, it was a tough old day as there's quite an incline every time to negotiate if you are on foot as well as the odd cyclist to watch out for BUT a great day none-the-less and one for Ben won't forget.

I think we can call him a 'Runner' now...

More tomorrow after a nice day off from running, Coaching at Merthyr Mawr.

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