Wednesday, 28 August 2013

The Pink Fairies - Do it, Do it

'Well don't talk about it, all you do is do it, do it' - Rudolph; Sanderson; Hunter; Twink

I read with interest on the Marathon des Sables 2014 Facebook group about how people are training for next year's race and their thoughts about the task in hand for them AND yours truly. The next 218 days are vitally important to their success next April and they as in most years are being blinded by the kit right now...There's actually a better use of time and some simple steps can make this process a WHOLE lot easier and it's one that I can't stress enough to them OR YOU if you are hoping to do your best in this event or any other in the near future.

Here's the FREE advice, after improving your diet and getting as lean as you can run some HILLS, do some INTERVAL sessions and then KEEP ON doing them and you'll see amazing results over a relatively short period of time. 

It's really that easy!

Here's the proof and it comes just 12 days before my next BIG CHALLENGE as I did my fastest INTERVAL session yesterday, followed by my best ever HILLS today. It's given me a HUGE confidence boost and I'm sure it will help me with MY TASK ahead and I'm pleased following the training period I've followed these past three months.

It was simple today, I felt strong, hydrated and ready to take on what for me is a tough couple of sessions well above my COMFORT FACTOR.

It's got the old ticker going and made me feel REALLY ALIVE.

Is it time you escaped your COMFORT FACTOR?

More tomorrow and thanks to Chris Purdon (he of the Space Ritual Band fame, for the song title).

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