Saturday, 17 August 2013

Love like blood - Killing Joke

'And self-preservation rules the day no more' - Walker, Ferguson, Ferguson, Coleman & Raven

There was a lot of jostling at the Cardiff Park Run today and I gave as good as I got in the first 100 metres as it was very Mo Farahesque with the bumping and barging. One guy tried to run thru me rather than around me and it took many hard elbows into his solar plexus to finally make him believe it wasn't a good idea to mess with me. What a plonker...

The Park Run philosophy is wonderful and getting people out and exercising is brilliant...I find it's always ruined by slow folk at the front and people running the first km too fast and then dying.

I did die a bit myself but in the 4th km with a 4.40mins following 3kms at 4.32 min pace and rallied to finish just 2 seconds outside my 5km Pb...but I was pretty happy with that (though a bit annoyed as I was so bloody close) but it's not bad considering I had such a hard running week. Best news was that it was good to see Jenny back running at her best too in 19.07. All in all, it's a good end to the week and we are at The Cheddar Gorge Marathon tomorrow.

If you are going, we'll see you there...

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